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We all often know what we should do, and even know how, but it is easy to slip.  Sometimes we just need a cheerleader in our corner giving us a gentle and kind nudge.  You offer that necessary support.  You break overwhelming tasks into manageable goals and remind us to just breathe.  I was on antidepressant/anxiety meds for years.  There was definitely a time for them in my life where I needed them, but over time I became dependent on them and feared that I could not function without them.   Through you, I learned how to balance my blood sugar and learned what food sensitivities I had.  I learned the importance of focusing on gratitude and incorporating daily intentional movement into my day. All of these things helped me to safely wean off of my meds over two years ago!  I would not have been able to do that if I had not met you. 

Lindsey C.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

In a nutshell, my experience with Rebekkah was life changing.   I connected with Rebekkah when I was battling a complex and undiagnosed illness and not only was Rebekkah able to assist me in the recovery process and the return to good health she helped me to feel better than I have felt for 20 years.  I wasn't sure I would have the willpower but with Rebekkah's guidance I have a strength, energy and vitality that I did not think I could feel again.   Anyone seeking to improve their health, build their immunity or simply feel better inside and out needs to connect with Rebekkah.  My only regret?  I didn't do it sooner.

Kim H.

The health journey with Rebekkah has been transformational for both my husband and I.  It wasn’t a “diet” but more tackling and understanding our relationship with food and how our behavioral habits impact our bodies.  I have always been a believer in the mind-body-spirit connection – but with Rebekkah I finally discovered how much the body impacts the mind and the spirit. 
Since being on this health journey my hubby and I have more energy, have no more “brain fog” and have lost weight.  However, the more surprising thing is that we take our health far more seriously, we are finally practicing self-care and we are learning that change in this area of our lives – impacts all other areas to.  This leads us to feel more positive, hopeful and excited about our futures.  Even our kids are becoming healthier and learning healthier habits. 
We know we are making a huge transformational change – but with Rebekkah by your side…it’s completely manageable and not overwhelming at all…it’s actually FUN! Thank you Rebekkah  - we both honestly feel that we could not have done this without you and your guidance!

Jen K.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I'm so glad I took the step to do the 14 day reset. Rebekkah is kind, fun, and extremely passionate about helping us understand our relationship with food and how to eliminate toxins from our body in a safe way. I never felt deprived, she provided some great recipes. Although I experienced some symptoms, which is to be expected because my body was in shock eating clean, whole foods. I feel much better and have a renewed awareness of what I want to feed my body. I would recommend this 14 day reset to anyone who is feeling, sluggish, lacks energy and you want to feel good about what you put in your mouth. This was the kick start I needed, and have decided to now do the additional 4 weeks. Thanks Rebekkah for all your help!

Marina P.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I am so grateful for connecting with Rebekkah and taking part in her fourteen-day reset. It truly was an eye-opening experience. After months of feeling like crap, I connected with Rebekkah through one of her workshops. The workshop then led to a one-on-one session and the fourteen-day reset. Rebekkah is such a kind, caring, passionate person, who possess an amazing amount of knowledge to guide you through the reset. Her program is well laid out and she is available for any questions along the way. Many of my symptoms have diminished, and now because of Rebekkah and the reset I have the power and knowledge to know what makes me feel my BEST self. If anyone is looking to not only feel but understand what makes them their best self, I would highly recommend reaching out to Rebekkah.

Cassandra T.

Rebekkah - Our 14 day cleanse ends soon.  I feel really good having almost completed this with you and the ladies. I have learnt a lot about taking the time to hear when my body talks to me.

I will take away a lot from this as this is the best I have felt in a long time. I may have to slow down the water drinking a bit. Bladder can’t keep up. Lol  

Thank you so much for the time and devoted availability you have been to answer our every questions and issues.

I am really glad I did this! 

Claire ♥

Claire B.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I wanted to share with you my experience with the 14 Day Reset Cleanse. I went into the cleanse with a skeptical mind since my endurance withholding my favorite foods is limited. But you provided a well described and practical guideline to prepare and begin along with your daily support through the actual cleans. Your daily encouragements and troubleshooting or problem solving with my concerns with humor and sincere practicality helped me get through the toughest part of the cleanse. 
You also provided great potential menu planning and practical advice to prepare for each day of the cleanse. Most importantly you helped me win my husband's support by trying new cooking methods, with delicious choices we may have never tried without this reset, and he experienced a new comfort level after sharing meals from the cleanse menu.
Thank you Rebekkah for your encouraging and positive approach without judgement or feigned enthusiasm, you are the real deal and I appreciate hearing the truth and seeing results from applying the truth.
I know I will be completing another reset cleanse in the future. There is a huge amount of knowledge to be gained by listening to your body and taking the time to care for yourself in a full holistic way.
Thanks so much for your sincere guidance.

Naomi D.

Thank you for your warmth, passion for your topic, attentive detail to questions, quick responsiveness, encouragement, support and impressive knowledge on your topic.  The amount of information you presented both in documents, q and a sessions and supportive emails gave us everything we needed to do this Reset.

Gayle H.

Your daily emails are motivating and inspiring! I love trying all the new recipes. Banana Nut Cookies are delicious and we made vegan Mac and cheese. I think it is a perfect time for a cleanse! My mind was foggy and my heart was racing before. I really notice a difference now without dairy, gluten, coffee, sugar and alcohol. It’s really amazing how alert my brain is! I even started winning at family board games! 😆  Thanks for your help, Rebekkah! I couldn’t have done this alone.

Joy D.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I'm doing well..... I am following all the things you taught me..... I have lost 13 lbs and 13 inches, and still slowly losing 1-2 lbs a week.  I feel great, am not hungry or snacky and haven't had coke-well, I have tried a few times, but end up handing it to my hubby because I just really am not enjoying it. That's a huge win for me!

I really notice after the higher carb meals that my joints are stiff and sore, especially my knees.  That alone is a big incentive. 😊

You really taught me how to listen to my body, and I'm so inspired now. 

Karen L.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

The benefit of the cleanse reset is amazing!  There is an extensive list of food you can eat and I was never hungry after eating. After 4 days on the cleanse I had more energy than I ever remember having and I felt great with the added bonus of loosing weight!  As I reintroduced the foods that were eliminated, I began to understand how food was affecting my mood, energy, and how I was feeling.  Rebekkah was with me through it providing me with a wealth of information to be successful. This is truly a great program!  I wish I had done this years ago.

Shelley M.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I love attending Rebekkah's classes and have been doing so for almost a year.  I find her support keeps me dedicated to living a healthier, positive and more energized life.  Each class I take is better than the one before.  Her ideas and presentation are invigorating and keep me coming back for more.  I have been able to get through some pretty tough life challenges with the help of my increased energy, healthier living and her unending support.
Thanks for everything Rebekkah, you are a champ coach! I am so glad I met you and Energy in Motion.

Alison A.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

A recent entry in my Grateful Journal is being grateful for you, Rebekkah,  and the Feel Incredible Inside & Out 90 day program.  After Dan and I  attended  the kick the sugar habit workshop I realized we both needed changes.  We decided to embark on a new journey and focus on making changes.
Admittedly,  I was a bit skeptical thinking that I was going to be the "controller" and worker bee for both Dan and I.  What a pleasant surprise!   I am only in charge of myself.  I have learned to manage my stress better and to stay in the present.
Not only have Dan and I learned a lot about ourselves but we've improved our communication in our relationship (even after 42 years of marriage)!  So we're living CAN teach old dogs new tricks!
Thank you, Rebekkah  for providing "homework " and making us accountable, individually.  New strategies continue to become part of our daily routines.  Thank you for everything.

Glynnice C.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials
Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I was at a point in my life that I knew I had to take control of my health or would soon suffer the consequences.  My doctor cautioned me that my blood sugar was pre-diabetic and I would benefit from losing some weight.  I considered counselling by a professional specializing in weight management but then Covid hit.  I have tried many diets throughout my life.  I just happened to see the ad for Kick the sugar habit ……. Glad I did!  I found this workshop very insightful.  This led me to the Be aware group and the 14-day Whole Foods Reset.  This program made sense to me. No fads, strict dieting, or having to write down everything I ate, calculate calories, etc. So this lead to “Yup!  Now IS my time!”.  I just knew this was for me. As a member, I truly benefit from Rebekkah’s enthusiastic support and the BE Aware family.  I appreciate all that is shared by everyone.  
For someone considering joining the group, I say “Do it!”   I have lost 28 lbs so far eating real whole food without all the dieting restrictions & pitfalls.  I am definitely more body aware of what foods suit me and which ones don’t.  I have established a healthy lifestyle with fantastic support on zoom meetings, live Facebook videos, through emails and information on the Hub.  The Be Aware group not only includes healthy eating habits but the importance of: exercise for physical & mental health, having morning and evening routines, good sleep habits, breathing/meditation for calm, gratitude journaling and much more.  I now have more energy and less aches and pains due to food sensitivities.  The Be Aware program has made a huge positive impact on my life. Thank you very much Rebekkah!

Linda S.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Thank you Rebekkah Finnigan! You have motivated me and I am determined to kick the sugar and move even closer to my goal of getting healthy and losing weight. The workshop was extremely informative and inspiring.
Can’t wait for the next step...the Cleanse. Thank u again. Meeting u has been an absolute inspiration. ❤️👍🤗

Sonya G.

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus about 20 years ago. Then I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia as a secondary illness about 3 years ago.   I have dealt with joint pain, swelling, digestive issues, skin issues and inflammation all over my body. The pain was so severe I couldn’t stand for anything to touch my skin. 
I was on so much medication I could not even think straight.  Some days I could barely get out of bed much less be around people.  I could not remember anything for all the brain fog. 
I have been a client of Rebekkah Finnigan’s for about 8 months. I have learned so much information from this lady. I have learned that food is medicine for our body’s and our soul.  I have learned which foods are healthy for MY body.  I never knew that food plays such a big role in the way I look, feel and participate in life.  I now look at ingredients and I am more knowledgeable of what I’m putting in my body and how my body reacts to food types.
She has also taught me that I do not need to second guess myself as to what I want in life and how to go about getting my life as near to what I want as possible.  How to communicate your wants and needs to family.
Thru food, exercise, mediation I have found a balance on how I manage my life.  I am happy to report I’m off all prescription medications and love my vitamin regimen, which Rebekkah walked me thru and adjusted how and when to take each vitamin. 
Rebekkah is so very knowledgeable of nutrition.
She has also helped me understand WHY I need to be watchful of my food intake.  Also, taught me how to overcome making the fast food drive thru’s the only option.  I now have a better understanding what to eat to keep the inflammation out of my body.  And in this learning process with Rebekkah, I have dropped about 20 lbs, which is an added bonus.
She explains things in a way I understood and not over my head, and always very patience with me and my moods in the beginning.
Now without all that inflammation, I love that I’m able to be active and enjoy family. 
Thank you Rebekkah for helping me take back my life and improving my health.

Jacque D.

Anchor 1

I just wanted to reach out to tell you how much I enjoy your emails. They are always full of such insight and useful tools. They always inspire me to step up my health in an exciting driven way and not in the guilt trip way where I feel stressed and down on myself. So thank you so much for taking the time to create some social media that is both inspiring and worthwhile❤️

Amy E.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I took this workshop with my daughter this is such a life changing workshop people 🙆♀️
I had no idea that certain foods affected me. I felt amazing on the cleanse...started introducing the different food groups back in and was blown away with by how my body reacted. I felt light...had a clear mind and was excited at the chance to get up and start a new day on this life changing cleanse 
You wont be disappointed in fitting this into your life I promise 😍

Chris E.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Working with Rebekkah over the last 3 months has been incredible! She is one of those people whose positive impact on your life cannot be forgotten. Each week I learned something new about myself. I’ve always been a person of habit. Generally bad habits. Rebekkah’s coaching provided me with the information and encouragement I needed to make the much needed changes in my life. Her knowledge and passion for life is truly inspiring!

Kelli B.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I can't even to begin to explain how my time with Rebekkah was.. She was always encouraging, always supportive and giving me new ways to better myself everyday. From day one with her, I can honestly tell you my lifestyle has changed dramatically. I achieved every single goal I set out to accomplish and thats all thanks you Rebekkah.
Rebekkah, I wanna thank you so much for every encouraging word, or often push I needed to achieve my goals because without your constant support or your words I couldn't be where I am today without it. I finally achieved my goals and went over that bump; that always pushes me back down.
Always positive and supportive, she is really everything you could ever need in a coach. I learned something new every week with her and bettered myself because of that :)
If you are looking to finally get over that bump like me, Rebekkah is the right coach and Energy in Motion is where to do it:)

Erin C.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I just completed my 90-Day Total Transformation program with Rebekkah. I must admit, I do not like change. With that said, I have come to realize (with Rebekkah's help) that change can be a good thing! She has an incredible way of listening and introducing small changes to your everyday routine. With these changes I've been able to make modifications to my normal habits. I now have a NEW NORM :) I'm more active, I've improved my diet & the way I look at food and I now am a water drinker. I never understood the importance of a balance plate. I now have a better understanding of how my digestion plays a big part in managing my arthritis pain and my rosacea flare up.
With Rebekkah’s coaching, I'm looking at my life in a more positive way and

Susan S.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Rebekkah is an outstanding, energetic coach interested in empowering those she works with in their daily lives. She teaches the importance of self awareness and finding balance between a career, family, and personal aspirations. Rebekkah is a great partner in keeping me accountable and focused on my purpose for a healthier lifestyle. While I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Rebekkah for several years, she has truly tapped into her real passion and is a very inspiring health coach looking to make you feel good every day.

Jennifer W.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Rebekkah is an amazing support and always helps me through any challenges I face. she is great at accountability and always holds me to the highest, best version of myself. she has gotten me through many obstacles and is always there when I need her. she gives great advice as well. I would highly recommend her as a coach!! 🙏❤🌌

Riana M.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Rebekkah is a phenomenal coach! She’s insightful and a great listener. Every time I end a conversation with her, I leave with clarity and know that I’m ACTUALLY moving towards the goals I have. I highly recommend her as a coach and I most certainly recommend her programs which are well thought out, progressive, powerful and WORK.
Rebekkah, thank you again for giving me so many health and life tools. Nothing could ever replace the work we’ve done in my sessions! I look forward to working with you in the future!

Erin B.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

You have taught me so much about nutrition and lifestyle. I have enjoyed every minute. You will never know how much you have helped me and how much I appreciate you.

Jacque D.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

First I have to say that Rebekkah is amazing!  I did the 14-Day Reset Cleanse, then followed it up with the 4 week Energy Workshops - They definitely go hand in hand.
I've learned so much - Rebekkah questions & information each week brings a lot of thought to what we do daily.  Everything really is connected & Rebekkah has shown me that.  The awareness this has brought to my eating, my daily life, my thoughts has been a big eye opener!
Thank you so much for doing this!  For bringing your positive spirit & sharing all of this.

Amber W.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

Rebekkah really cares about how we feel and enjoys helping us feel healthy and amazing! I'm so lucky to be close to Willowtree Farms. Thank you Rebekkah.

Adrianna K.


Client Testimonials: Testimonials

There aren’t enough words to describe the feeling of being accomplished, inspired, confident, and happy. Rebekah has helped me re discover the emotions I neglected for so long. She has helped me better myself and my life in many ways, making changes I needed to make in order to accomplish my goals. Her sessions are very motivating, along with her constant support. Rebekah was made to be a life coach, her confidence, and dedication is contagious and I can’t thank her enough for pulling me out of what i thought was a hole I would be stuck in forever. She has helped me find a new routine and a new way of achieving goals and trusting my gut. I wish I had a before and after picture to share because the changes I have made throughout our sessions are amazing. I can’t thank you enough Rebekkah, I honestly couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without all your love, support and knowledge. I feel like a new and improved version of myself and I have never been happier with myself and my decisions. You will always be my life coach and more important my family. Thank you for everything. I would highly recommend to everyone. ❤️

Rena C.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I just finished a 30 day "whole food reset cleanse" with Rebekkah, and I feel terrific!
Rebekkah is a great coach, she is very knowledgeable and committed to helping you succeed and feel great!
I love the upbeat energy and passion she brings to her sessions!
She kept in constant contact with me during and after my sessions were completed and really set me up to be successful on my own, but is still there for me if I need her!
Thanks Rebekkah!

Debbie M.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

I completed the 14 day whole food cleanse and kicking the sugar habit class led by Rebekkah. With her guidance I accomplished the goals i set out for myself. i lost weight but more importantly my aches and pains disappeared and i was more rested and had more energy. This is a great start to the new healthy me!

Dayna H.

Client Testimonials: Testimonials

So, I have been working hard in healthy eating since September...cutting back on sugar and carbs, more veggies and more water and a little more exercise!  While I have a long way to go, I am happy to say that I am down 40 lbs!!!   My son is also down around 75 lbs. 
Thanks for your help!!

Trena D.


Client Testimonials: Testimonials


This 45-60 minute coaching conversation will be totally focused on YOU!  Helping you uncover where you might be stuck and what actions can be taken to move you toward being Totally Aware!

Now is YOUR time!


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